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If you are visiting these pages, it is quite possible that you have had to invest a lot of effort and time in applying for, and running, your Comenius Multilateral Project(s) and/or Network(s). But even if you are not directly involved as a coordinator or partner in these EU funded projects, you may still have had personal experiences from such activities; you will have seen that considerable resources and hopes are invested in European cooperation in the field of school education.

But what is the impact of such Comenius Multilateral Projects and Networks? What can it be? How are you, together with many others in Europe, shaping the present and future of Europe’s school education?

Europe needs to know more about how Comenius Multilateral Projects and Networks interact with the realities of school communities and school education systems. We, together with you, the hands, minds and hearts of school education in Europe, will be able to provide answers and propose ways forward.

We want to make your voice heard in Brussels, because we believe you and your work in Comenius deserve this; and because Europe needs, now more than ever, to listen to your voice. For this, we are inviting you to participate in our research, following two simple steps: 

  1. Take part in our online survey! It is now open and awaiting your response! Please also encourage all your partners in Comenius Multilateral Projects and/or Networks, and beneficiaries of these projects/networks, to fill in the same online questionnaire.
  2. Take part in our online discussions when they start later this year!

Please note that the aim of our research is not to evaluate your Comenius Multilateral Project(s) and/or Network(s)! What you tell us cannot in any way affect the evaluation of your project / network by the EC or EACEA.

However, please do also note that our study will be providing channels for you to highlight and promote your project or network, if you feel that it can demonstrate good results and strong impact.

By responding to the online survey you enterthe pool from which we will select individuals and projects to participate in interviews as well as lively discussions and workshops that we will be organising. You might even be among those selected respondents who will be invited to attend our workshops in the framework of high-profile conferences, covering their expenses. Or, maybe your project / network will become one of our case studies; that would give your work publicity and visibility at the European level. 

The online Survey